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Codename: Raven
Age: Unknown
Origin: Unknown in canon, though he has been revealed to originally be Canadian.
Height: 5'11
Blood type: B
Occupation: Intelligence agent/Assassin/Ninja
Canon: Tekken | video game series
Fighting style: Ninjutsu
Codenamed 'Raven', he is known as one of the most skilled and ruthless agents from a certain secret government intelligence agency to which he belongs. Other than the x-shaped scar on his face, little is known about him.
Dispatched by an unknown corporation, the agent known as Raven tracks his targets from the darkness and erases them. He uses a unknown derivation of classic ninjutsu. Regardless of his mission's difficulty, Raven can always be relied on to carry out his duty.
Raven is a stoic man, with a quick intellect and unbreakable sense of professionalism. He takes pride in his job and status as a Ninja. Although the nature of his company is ambiguous, his actions imply it works towards the greater good. He finds it difficult to believe in the more supernatural elements of his missions, but when faced with them, he takes it into his stride and doesn't lose face. His seriousness is a constant trait of this character, only broken if someone like Yoshimitsu does something to anger him. His rivalry with Sergei Dragunov also seems to go deeper than mere professional interaction. An obvious history exists between them.
Raven's irritation with Yoshimitsu seems to stem from the fact that Raven cannot believe that Yoshimitsu is a ninja due to his colorful- as well as deceptively clumsy- personal style, which is supremely unlike that of a ninja (it can be argued too that Yoshimitsu is quite far away from the archetypes of a ninja despite being one by profession). Upon their meeting, Raven- in a rare showing of personal agenda- eagerly takes on Yoshimitsu to show him true Ninja fighting. If Yoshimitsu loses, Raven will attempt to teach Yoshimitsu how to perform the "kuji-in" (a long time Ninja trait in fiction) with humorous results as Yoshimitsu has difficulty doing it; only adding to Raven's uncharacteristic frustration with the man.
Raven tends to think that he's always right. -Though in all fairness, his gut instincts usually are correct in regard to most things; even when he wishes that they weren't. He values order, balance, and tradition. Raven also prefers strategy and tactics over all-out brawling, though he is very much capable of that as well when it is deemed necessary. Though usually serious and straight-to-the-point, Raven is not above mocking his opponents- or anyone he looks down upon as being incompetent, really. Raven keeps his distance from others and is considered to be very iron-hearted; having no one whom he would actually deem a "friend". Zafina is probably the person closest to him at the moment, though that isn't saying much since their relationship is purely professional, and heavily dependent on mutual gain. However, when he does feel a certain complacency around someone as he does with Zafina, Raven does occasionally 'lighten up' enough to speak casually with them- perhaps even enough to joke around or enjoy light-hearted banter- though this is very rare.
Skills: Raven's ninjutsu fighting style is highlighted with his teleportation moves and extremely quick maneuvers. He almost always has two kunai strapped to his waist. To date, despite not being of Japanese origin, Raven is actually the most traditional (and some would say even lightly accurate) ninja in the Tekken series. His fighting style, a combination of grappling, take-downs, and heavy strikes has light inspirations from supposedly real hand to hand combat ideologies practiced by the Ninja. By no means perfectly accurate, it is however more accurate than the typical multi-hitting speed demon style often used by ninjas in video games, as real Ninja often opted for quick take downs and grapples to incapacitate. Like most Tekken characters, Raven is also unnaturally strong; once seen flipping the giant "NANCY-MI847J" robot over his shoulder and tossing it several feet in canon.


I normally play Raven as being a borderline-asexual and/or extreme prude who doesn't believe in giving into 'weaknesses' such as sexual arousal. HOWEVER, I thoroughly enjoy putting him in uncomfortable positions (literally) -where he is being tantalized and/or forced to confront his deeply-repressed sexual urges. No particular preference for male or female partners; both are fine with me. Note that Raven isn't the type who would have any patience for dealing with punk kids or teenagers. Adults only for smut, please. He has a preference for competent, self-confident types. Overly mopey or moeblob-types tend to irk him more often than not. He gets along best with people who have strong wills, persistence and reliability.

Full kink list, should one ever need it, can be found here.


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